Our Shop is full of the most amazing virgin hair extensions all reasonably priced. Here you can learn more about Brittany (Wink) & Kayla (Coldina). Stay tuned for our wig collection and how-to videos to help you with your day to day hair needs!

Brittany Winkfield



I began doing hair when I was about 11. I styled hair all throughout high school and college. At age 15 I went to hair school. It was long, hard and tiring! After coming home from college after only a year, I worked numerous customer service positions. I was good. Getting a job was easy!I couldn't sit at the same company for longer than a year. When I got bored, I quit. 
After almost missing the deadline, I went to get my hair license. I failed the test numerous times but I was determined to pass. In 2012 I passed The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology licensing exam! I began working at Expressions which is located in my hometown Columbus, OH. I accepted the role as a Styling assistant for Harlem Fashion Week. Thats when I knew this is for me. While driving home from New York I told myself that I was quitting my full time when I got back to Ohio. I haven’t had any regrets since. 
My passion is in editorial styling. I love fast pace environments with loud music and lots of chaos. My ultimate goal is to combine my 3 passions: hairstyling, traveling and mentoring in one. Everyday Im working towards building ‘The W’ empire. 

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Kayla Winkfield


 I began doing hair around the age of 14 while in middle school. My sister was my biggest motivation. She taught me different things about hair and different hair styles. She's the very reason why I love doing hair today. When I started high school I began to ask myself, what type of my life do I want to live after this. I knew where I wanted to be but I didn't have that drive to take it there. I went to The Columbus downtown high school for cosmetology school and I loved every bit of it. When I graduated I took the Ohio state board test & failed it numerous times and every time I blamed everything but myself. I started actually studying & teaching myself different strategies to get this test completed. After that I took the test and passed :) From there my career started to take off. I began using different social media outlets to advertise myself as well as starting a online book where clients can book appointments with me, view pictures and look at recommendations. The first salon I worked at was Headlines by DeFranco. It was such a great experience to work with and under Meechie. I got pregnant with my baby Corry at 18. I can’t explain the joy he brings to me. He has given me the push needed to go above and beyond as a mother and a stylist. Ive always been a free spirited person, wild and outgoing. After baby Corry I realized it was time to get focused. When I went back to work I started with my sister at Salon Lofts where we started building our brand, The W. Under our brand, so far, is The W. Style Lounge and The W. Hair Extensions. I enjoy the creative and the freedom I have being a hairstylist.

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