Brittany Winkfield

I began doing hair when I was about 11. I styled hair all throughout high school and college. At age 15 I went to hair school. It was long, hard and tiring! After coming home from college after only a year, I worked numerous customer service positions. I was good. Getting a job was easy!I couldn't sit at the same company for longer than a year. When I got bored, I quit. 

After almost missing the deadline, I went to get my hair license. I failed the test numerous times but I was determined to pass. In 2012 I passed The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology licensing exam! I began working at Expressions which is located in my hometown Columbus, OH. I accepted the role as a Styling assistant for Harlem Fashion Week. Thats when I knew this is for me. While driving home from New York I told myself that I was quitting my full time when I got back to Ohio. I haven’t had any regrets since. 

My passion is in editorial styling. I love fast pace environments with loud music and lots of chaos. My ultimate goal is to combine my 3 passions: hairstyling, traveling and mentoring in one. Everyday Im working towards building ‘The W’ empire.